Why has e-commerce become important after covid-19?


As we all know the world significantly starting changing early in the year 2020 due to Coronavirus global pandemic and it affected the way we shopped, ate, or even went out to do normal house chores and fashion shopping. And a lot of businesses faced a hard time in selling their products.

Where electronic commerce was facing a hard time covid-19 gave it a whim of spotlight. Small retailers, Clothing Brands, Grocery Stores, new startups pretty much everything came under the light of online shopping. And that’s how in the year 2020 E-commerce became the most important and safe way of shopping worldwide.

E-commerce is evolving in real-time. We now do more online shopping than ever before. Smaller retailers who’ve had to take a multichannel approach to sales now have the opportunity to over-haul their products through websites and e-stores.
So, what’s next?

With more eCommerce competition than ever before, how does an online retailer ensure they stand out from the crowd?

Social media is your savior now

Who knew social that was being used for entertainment and information would also become a way of earning real good money? 

Most people learn, share, and live life online through the medium of social media. Shopping is naturally a part of that experience.

Social commerce built tremendous momentum last year, In March 2019, Instagram launched its eCommerce checkout feature, because it wanted to offer an end-to-end in-app e-commerce experience for users. This means Instagram users can complete product purchases without ever having to leave the app, and in the process, save purchasing information for future payments.

E-commerce business post covid

You must connect your sales to your social media account. If your potential customers are finding your products through their social feeds, they’d get more attracted to it.

By reducing the friction and allowing customers to swipe or click to purchase your product, you’ve reduced friction in the buying process. Impulse buys shouldn’t take more than three clicks. Clever isn’t it? 

If you’re not properly marketing your products on social media, utilizing Influencer Marketing, or making use of all the current and emerging tools and trends to help retailers succeed. It would help if you got on that sooner rather than later. Social media platforms like Instagram are how most people access the broader internet landscape, and it’s on you to ensure those windows align with your sales channels.


There is no argument regarding the importance of eCommerce. It has become an essential requirement in making retail businesses available as well as at their best game, and open to customers globally, without a set time for purchasing products. At present, there is no concept of whether the shop is open or not.

As they say, the business never sleeps, and electronic commerce is all about helping companies sustain and grow revenue streams, and keep growing ahead of years. 

The biggest argument that businesses should now behave, is the type of eCommerce route to be taking. Whether, you want a solo flight in the form of a custom-built eCommerce store, or take the help of a prevailing eCommerce platform.

If you choose the former, then what kind of eCommerce product development should be going for: a website, a mobile app, or both?

That’s for you to find out 😉

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